Skin Tone: Papaya

Makeup: Flor Dos Default

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Pre-orders are currently closed. Please check back on Instagram for future pre-orders.
**This link is for the full payment! Please check out the deposit listing if you would like to do a layaway**
Before ordering, please note that this is a Pre-Order product. The dolls will be available for shipping in approximately 5-7 months. If there are any delays, you will receive a notification by email. Updates will also be posted on our site. 

♡ No wig or clothes are included, please purchase the outfits you like separately! 

Pre-Order items cannot be canceled once you place your order, so please consider carefully before placing your order! All sales are final. 

Deposits are non-refundable. If you do not pay the remaining balance within 14 days of notification that your order is ready to be shipped, your order will be canceled.

Every doll is made to order, and we are unable to accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges. 

Flor Dos is a new head for Flor! The body is the same as the first release. This head is rounder, the eyes are narrower, and the mouth is flat. The eye size remains 22-24mm and the wig size is 8-9inches. 


Makeup Options: 

With Makeup Option: Flor Dos with her base makeup. She comes with a pair of random eyes.

Each face is painted by hand. Please understand that there may be slight differences. Please handle the face with care to prevent damage.

NO Makeup (Blank Face) Option: Flor with no makeup, and no eyes. 


Important Information:

Each doll comes with a special certificate of authenticity and care card. 

The dolls will come packaged inside of a reusable travel bag inside a protective box.

Two extra hands are included as a bonus for this first pre-order.

The Isla Dolls Flor collection dolls measure approximately 40cm and are made with resin. They are double-jointed at the elbows and knees and can hold a variety of poses. They can stand on their own but will require a stand if being posed dynamically.

Please handle with a lot of care, and do not keep any clothing with dark colors on for extended periods of time, as it could lead to staining. Keep your doll away from direct sunlight. Please read the care guide included with the doll carefully. All dolls are carefully inspected for any errors before shipment. 

Due to the handmade nature of Isla Dolls, your doll may come with some minor imperfections. Light marks on the surfaces can be carefully removed with the use of a melamine sponge that will be included with your doll! Please be careful with the use of the sponge and wear gloves and a mask.

We strive to offer quality products and put a lot of love and time into every creation, however, since the items are handmade, they may have small flaws due to human error.


Isla Dolls are not toys and are not meant for kids or for rough handling. I can not be held responsible for any damages or harm caused by improper handling or use of the product.