♡ About Isla Dolls ♡

What are Isla Dolls?

All Isla Dolls are hand made with love. Isla Dolls are currently available in 35cm and 40cm, and come with many opportunities for customization. 

Our dolls are cast in environmental resin. 

The standard eyes that fit Isla Dolls are 20mm - 22 mm.

The wig size for Isla Dolls is 7 - 8 inches for the Fruit girls, and 8 - 9 inch wigs for the Flor collection.

Who are Isla Dolls?

Isla Dolls left their island to go to their new homes to spread more love.

The dolls are all originally named after their favorite fruits, but tastes are constantly changing! Your doll will be ready to accept whichever name you decide suits her best.  

Isla Dolls will be sold in limited batches to keep creating new fruit girls, and eventually different sculpts. If you fall in love with one, purchase her before she has left the island to a new home! 
No matter how much your Isla Doll may change, or how far she may go, your doll will always be a part of the Isla Doll family.

About the Isla Doll Team

Isla Dolls is currently run and managed by a passionate doll collector, Isa. We have experience with e-commerce and large scale production, as well as shipping worldwide. Our mission is to create adorable dolls and safely send them to their new homes all over the world! 


Isla Dolls is always excited to collaborate with other artists and small businesses for eyes, wigs, and clothing!

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact: contact@isladolls.com