Launch Day Information

Written by Isa ♡


Posted on March 18 2021

Hello everyone!

I am so excited with all of the love that has been given to Isla Dolls. I first started designing Kiwi over winter break in Puerto Rico, and I fell in love with the idea of naming the dolls after fruits. I have been collecting dolls for a few years now, but I never thought I would have the opportunity to be creating my own line of dolls! It's a little nerve-wracking, but all of your support keeps me going! 

Some important notes I have for this first release are:

The stock for this release is limited, and already in production.

Since this is the first launch, I have no idea what the demand will be, and how quick things may or may not sell out. For fairness, the store will be closed before the release, and opened once it turns 7 pm EST.

I want to make a wide variety of skin tones available, and for that reason I have to keep each release limited. At the moment, I am one person running the store, so I can only release so many dolls at one time!


Payment for all clothing and apparel is due upfront, but when purchasing a doll, you can choose to put down a non refundable 50% deposit. The deposit will reserve your doll, and the 50% remainder will be due once your doll is ready to ship.

I am looking into offering different payment plans in the future as well! 


Since the dolls are already in production, it should take no longer that 2-4 months for them to be ready to ship. I am working as quickly as I can to have them ready to go to their new homes!

As of the time writing this blog post, all shipping will be done through either UPS or DHL. All shipments will be automatically fully insured, and unfortunately we are unable to undervalue them. 


All dolls (with makeup, and without) will come with a custom certificate of authenticity. The date on the certificate will be that date that your specific doll was made, so please note that the dates will be different on some certificates.

Kiwi will be going on vacation after this release is over, but fear not, Raspberry is ready to board her flight soon! I have many girls in many different skin tones planned, and I will be opening a suggestion box soon!

If i've missed anything, or you have any questions, please contact us on instagram!

Lots of love,