Chica and Flor Pre-Orders 6/24

Written by Isa ♡


Posted on June 03 2022

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I made a news post here. I realize that I've been relying too much on posting everything to Instagram, which some people may miss out on seeing. I'm going to do a better job of making newsletters and more updates!

Chica News

First up on the news is our new 23cm doll Chica! Her specific information can be found here:

Chica will be up for pre order Friday, June 24th beginning at 8PM EST.

For the first pre-order, she will only be available in the 'Lemon' skin tone. Other knee colors will be available for purchase to come as a default on the doll, or to purchase separately.

Managing multiple skin tone and makeup options at the same time has been very difficult for me, and until I can hire extra help with the shop, I am going to start limiting what I can offer per pre-order batch! The pre-order for the next skin tone for Chica will likely begin in August.

The pink Chica dress will be available, alongside the purple jumper set I have posted previous of!

The purple clip twin tail wig will also be available for pre-order. 

Flor News

The Flor pre-order dolls from the first sale are almost all to their homes! A second pre-order round will also be commencing alongside Chica on June 24th at 8PM EST.

For this pre-order round, I will have the Lemon, Guava, and Apricot skin tone available. Only makeup options A (Default) and B (Pout Eyebrows) will be offered this time. You can also purchase your doll blank!

A new pink dress (the same style as the pink Chica dress!) will be available, along with a special version of the Petunia dress.

Other News

No other official announcements yet... but a new 1/4 size doll is in the works. This doll is a collaboration with a doll makeup artist in Japan, and a few will be available with the artist's original makeup. She will be slightly taller than Flor, but that's the only detail I will release for now! ♡

My health has not been the best lately, and I apologize for the slower than usual response rates. I truly appreciate the support of everyone, and I hope that I can do even better!

If you have any questions, concerns, anything, please send me an email!

Lots of Love,

Isa ♡