Blueberry & Raspberry Updates + Mango Release

Written by Isa ♡


Posted on September 17 2021

Hi Everyone! ♡

I am going to try to make a monthly update so that everyone is aware of any updates. As of September 17th 2021, I am still waiting for the final batch of dolls to arrive in order to prepare for quality checks and begin shipping things out quickly.

The clothing and shoes are ready to go, and the Pengin Workshop wigs shipped out this week and will  be arriving any day now! 

I estimate it will be approximately 1-2 weeks before the dolls begin shipping. I am very sorry for this delay!

Thank you so much for your patience with this release! The faceup artist sent me photos of them with their finished face-ups, and I am so excited to send them all out to their new homes! 

For those with layaways - Final payments are not due yet. I will send out an email when payments are due, along with a 2 week deadline to pay. 

For some Mango news, her release is currently scheduled for September 30th! Mango will be available in 3 different skin tones. More information on her release will be posted next week.

Also available will be the new mango outfit, and the same outfit in the Kiwi color scheme. (Possible the Blueberry and Raspberry color scheme)

Thank you so much, and please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions!